Not just a pretty dress...

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Planning a wedding?

This can be one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences of your life, there are so many aspects to be considered and co-ordinated but most importantly, the  overall look of the whole ensemble together....

Tying all of the aspects together can be tricky especially when two individuals are planning the biggest day of their lives together.  Matching favourite colours, ideas and themes can put a lot of stress and strain on a relationship.

Bridegrooms, whilst claiming to be simplistic in their approach to weddings often fall short when even finding the basics can be a struggle because so much is geared towards women.  Men can end up having very few options particularly if they want to include something of their own personality in the day beyond just having funky buttons on their waistcoat.

The main focus for the bride is, of course, the dress itself but the look of an outfit can be changed dramatically by the accessories that are chosen to accompany the gown, making it easier to tie the dress that you love in to a  theme that may not have been fully decided upon yet.

The all important garter, a slightly fuller skirt, a covering for the shoulders if it turns chilly (there is just nothing like a blurry bride shivering in all of her wedding photos).  Delicate or dramatic arm cuffs can be a god send not only for adding some intrigue to a classic, simple, elegant dress but also making a nifty place to stash vital notes undetected to keep nerves at bay for those who are worried about forgetting the running order, who to thank or for those brave enough to embark on the challenge of a speech.

Etsy is a fabulous and safe place to shop online for unique, handmade accessories to accompany a wedding ensemble full of individuality and personality.

Another collection of gorgeous wedding items from Etsy that also includes guest books, stationary and decoration.

Immersing yourself in a world wide hub of creativity is by far the best way of finding new ideas and generating inspiration to create the perfect wedding ensemble and the perfect day, if I know Etsy, you will probably make some good friends along the way too!