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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I've been reminiscing over old favourite dresses and this one still has to be one of my all time favourites. I still love looking at the article on the off beat bride website, they look SO happy it brings a tear to the eye!

Click on the image below to read more about Ingi and Jay's amazing steampunk wedding in the Edgar Allen Poe museum...

The pierced bride...

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Body piercing has become extremely popular in recent years, things have moved on from just piercing your earlobes and now a navel piercing is commonplace and nose and cartilage (the tops of the ears) piercings are also widespread.

Some brides take out their piercings for their wedding day, whether personal preference or bowing to the pressure of family. However, if this isn't you, then Pierced Bride is for you!

Our new range helps you make your piercings part of your big day,whether it's a delicate chain dangle from a cartilage piercing, an Indian style nose to ear chain or a 'Something blue' dangle for your navel piercing you'll find it all at Pierced Bride

The drops simply slip onto your existing labret or ring and are secured when you do up the ring or screw the end onto your labret. The drops fit both 1.2mm and 1.6mm (14 and 16 gauge) bars and rings.

If you don't see what you have in mind in our range just contact me and we can come up with something perfect for your look, whether you want to tone things down or shake things up, from classic to gothic, princess to punk we can help!

antique and vintage lace embellished ivory and mid night blue pashmina

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

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I made five of these for my wedding party, they looked great all together on the day, I loved the fact that each element that went in to the design had some history or tale behind it.

02 lavender flowers 1000

Lavender flowers for the lavender project, it's coming along!

A favourite wedding dress from 2011

This is one of my favourite wedding dresses from 2011 with the misty, dewy green dupion satin coupled with the slightly warm, creamy chiffon reminds me of summer mornings, just before day break.

Bridal designs wedding jewellery

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

There are so many things to think about when it comes to how you will look on your wedding day, for those of you looking for a contemporary and elegant look, here is an amazing company that has some stunning designs and some great ideas for your bridesmaids gifts too!


My name is Tracey Phillips and I am owner,designer and maker at Bridal Designs Wedding Jewellery. The company was formed when, after working for many years in the jewellery retail trade, I decided to see if I could make jewellery myself and with lots of practice and instruction started to produce pieces that I was proud to put my name too.

My sister then asked me if I would make her wedding jewellery for her. I ended up designing and making many sets for her to choose from and wondered what I was going to do with the surplus! I decided to approach a few local wedding shops to see if they’d be interested in selling them for me and to my surprise they all said yes, after a while selling through shops I made the decision to start the website www.bridaldesignsweddingjewellery.co.uk and I’m glad to say it’s gone from strength to strength.

We specialise in handcrafted Sterling silver bridal jewellery using Swarovski crystal and Swarovski pearls. we have a wide range of different styles to suit every wedding from the delicate Angelic range to the darker gothic influenced Black Rose. Brides are choosing a wider range of wedding themes than ever before so we try our hardest to stock designs to suit all of them.

One of our latest designs is 'Wildheart' which features a brand new crystal shape from Swarovski, the beautiful heart pendant has such a tactile feel and the facets make it eyecatching, especially when teamed with the oval Swarovski crystals and round Swarovski pearls. Another new addition is the LittleBigDay range, comprising of interchangable charms/pendants which make an ideal gift for bridesmaids or flowergirls.

At Bridal Designs we pride ourselves on our customer service and as every item is handcrafted we are able to accomodate a wide range of variations in colour and size, if you would like something completely different we can work with you to design a bespoke piece of bridal jewellery especially for you, just email us on info@bridaldesignsweddingjewellery.co.uk

Hand Painted Bridal Shoes by norakaren

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hand Painted Bridal Shoes by norakaren

hand painted blue floral wedding heels

With so many areas of great personalization possible with your wedding, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Nora of norakaren, maker of hand painted wedding shoes.

“My style is glam, very art deco, high fashion,” says Nora. “My technique is probably what it makes it more unique, because it is free hand painting, very hard to copy. I create every piece one by one for each one of my brides, no mass production here.”

painted jeweled chandelier bridal ballet shoes

chinese wedding shoes dragon phoenix

{Designer Secret} High heels aren’t the only option for a high fashion, beautiful bridal look. Nora has great advice on that and on the best colors for outside weddings.

“Many brides look for lower heels, sometimes because the fiancĂ©e is shorter or not that tall but they still want to be stunning,” Nora says. “So I suggest a great peep toe with a 1 3/4″ heel or the ballerina flats that come in many shapes and about 64 different shades.”

painted blue rose bridal high heel shoes

“If the dress is short I love to pair it with flats or Mary Janes, maybe a cute peep toe. If she wears a closed toe pump, it will look very 1950’s. Sandals are great for summer and springtime weddings but they can work also on a closed ballroom.”

“For weddings outside I would recommend light colors not only for the climate but because they photograph better,” Nora explains. “Black doesn’t photograph well outside, red is always trying to fade under light too. Blue, what can I say, it is always nice to wear “something blue”.”

hand pained pink peacock bridal open toe shoes

painted peacock bridal shoes

But norakaren wasn’t always all about painted wedding shoes.

“I’ve been a painter/designer since I was a young girl seated on the porch of my house,” Nora remembers. “I started in 2001 seriously working for a fashion designer and my first best seller was a pair of jeans made to commemorate September 11th. I opened my Etsy store based mostly on hand painted designs on fabric and I received a very unusual request on a pair of satin shoes.”

“After that, I loved the technique, the medium and of course the shoes (who doesn’t?) and the orders started pouring like rain. I’ve found that these creations are loved by women who love style, girls for their proms and parties, and brides for their themed weddings.”

To learn more about norakaren and see more shoes, visit:

Shop: www.norakaren.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/norakaren/58934055934
Twitter: twitter.com/norakaren
Blog: www.nora-handpainted.blogspot.com
Tumblr: norakaren.tumblr.com

painted heal wedding shoe

Lavender Alice dress

Friday, 19 August 2011

alice lavender 1alice lavender 2alice lavender 3alice lavender 4alice lavender 5

Lavender Alice dress, a set on Flickr.

A lavender and ivory version of this Alice inspired, 50's style corset gown, I seem to be developing a bit of an obsession with Lavender shades :)

Weekly update :-

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

We have been so busy in the studio these past few weeks, deadlines and comissions flow thick and fast at this time of year and there really hasn't been much time to chat but we now have a bumper update for you...

NEW PRODUCTS:-           

We have two new designs and a new product idea for you this week.

The Alice inspired gown that was the result of a trip to the Booth museum in Brighton where I saw some of the original drawings. 

SLIDE SHOW...                                       PRODUCT PAGE....



The first pair of shoes that struck me to go with this dress is this cute little pair from Kurt Geiger...



We are now bringing in sample packages which means that you can see and feel the exact fabrics that will go in to making your gown before you purchase your gown with alternative suggestions for colours and fabric types. 

Click on the image below for more information...


This is a modern twist on a more classic and elegant style, I love the brass metal motif and the chain detail, click on the image below to see more...

SLIDE SHOW....                                  PRODUCT PAGE...




This stage of the Garnet and pearl gown is a bit technical and not very aesthetically interesting so we will show more images when it is fully finished.  In the meantime, we have all of the elements that we need to make the Forest green and cream gown and I have also made a start on a more flamboyant gown that I have been desperately excited to make that revolves around shades of lavender and a more artistic appraoch to textures and techniques...

Obviously one of the first things on my mind when starting a new design is to consider matching shoes... I have started looking for purple, lavender, lilac or complementing shades and of course Kurt Geiger have some fabulous offerings :-



A gallery of images purely for inspiration whether it's a colour, concept or element that triggers your mind and helps you create your dreams, grab a cup of tea and have a browse through....       



Fidra jewellers is a stunning wonderland of treasures.  There is such a huge range of unique and historical pieces that it would be impossible not to find something to suit every personality and budget...

Roger had never been a jewellery wearing person so when it came to trying to find his wedding ring he really didn't know where to start.  The staff at Fidra were outstanding, their knowledge and ability to explain the technical properties and practicalities was a god send and bent over backwards doing everything that they possibly could to come up with a perfect solution, the results were perfect and my husband has a ring that he loves wearing.  We can not recommend Fidra highly enough, the products, quality and services can not be beaten at all.  If you get the chance, do go and have a look around TEL: 01273 328 348 EMAIL: enquiries@fidra.com

Welcome to Fidra Jewellers, Brighton!

Specialists in fabulous Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco jewellery and Victorian Jet, trading in the historic Lanes area of Brighton for 40 years... read more...

This is a brief selection of our favourite pieces...






These are two of our favourite shoes from Kurt Geiger this week:-



That's about everything for this week, we have some fabulous ideas planned for next week, we are all thoroughly inspired and can't wait to show you though we do still have a lot of orders and commissions to work on as well so another busy but exciting week for us here.

Have a great week all x