A few fascinating little things

Friday, 5 March 2010

Here are just a few little treasures that I had passed to me the other day, I found them so intriguing I just had to post them up here!
The first originally belonged to my great aunt lily whom my grandmother used to tease for her immaculate organisation and the way she used to package and label everything. I have to say that I am rather grateful for it now.
There was something so exciting about gently peeling back the layers that covered such delicate items that had obviously been highly cherished for 76 years and all kept together with the fabulous photo!The second item is a tiny decorative pouch that was crocheted by my great aunt Edith.
It was probably supposed to be used to fragrance clothing, I remember my grandmother having an obsession with putting highly perfumed soaps in to pouches like this one and placing them between layers of clothing in a draw.This piece of lace trim is also from the 1930's but from France this time, it is so intricately beautiful, I may have to take up lace making as a hobby!!