Cadbury Purple and antiqued ivory steel boned corset gown

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The antiqued, distressed idea is something that I have found has really captivated my imagination but I wanted to broaden my approach to the way that I use it. The majority of the original corsets from the victorian era have faded over time which is what gives them such an ethereal beauty but originally, a lot of these garments would have be much brighter and more vibrant. One of the corsets in the 'symington collection' at Leicester museum was originally a bright scarlet red, this made me think about working the antiqued, distressed feel in with brighter colours. This Cadbury purple duchess satin struck me the minute I saw it, it's lavish qualities are just breath taking and coupling it with antiqued ivory guipure lace trim adds a warmth and depth that lifted the whole gown in a way that no other colour combination could quite achieve.